Children's candle-making party (5 to 7 years)

A wonderful opportunity to introduce children to the art of candle-making. Watch a demonstration on how traditional candles were made. Then children have a go at making their own candles using rolled beeswax. Each child decorates candle holders and packaging with pretty gems, paint and glitter. Children take home a party bag filled with all the lovely candles they have made!

  • Party run by a “Chandler” (a professional candle-maker)
  • Demonstration of traditional candle-making techniques
  • Game of guess the fragrance!
  • With beeswax (at room temperature), using a rolling technique each child makes and decorate a beeswax candle n a variety of colours
  • Children then paint wooden a tealight holder: a choice between hearts, cupcakes, butterflies, snowflakes, leaves, spiders, crowns ...and many more; (pre-made tealights are provided)
  • They then decorate a paper party bag with brightly coloured pens 
  • At the end of the party each child takes home a party bag filled with all the lovely candles they have made!


Length: 1 to 1.5 hours

Cost: Up to 10 children - £210, thereafter £15 per additional child

Minimum no. of people: 1

Maximum no. of people: 20

Location: Currently 15 mile radius of Marlow, we will be offering offer other locations shortly.

Child takes home:

Decorated party bag

Rolled beeswax candle

3 tealight candle holders and candles

Painted wooden tealight holder